What to Do When You Miss Court While on Bail

What Should You Do If You Miss Court While Out on Bail?

If you have missed court, there are a few important steps you must take. The first step you should take after missing court is to get in contact with your criminal defense attorney or public defender. Your attorney or public defender can contact the courts. They may be able to put a stay, or hold, on the warrant until the court date.

If they are unable to get a stay on the warrant, you can be arrested if you come in contact with the police. Once you appear, the judge will quash, or dismiss, the warrant.

Once you have a new court date scheduled, you should contact your bail bond agent. Let them know that you have missed court but are working to remedy the issue. Most agencies will then request you call back in after your next scheduled court date to confirm that you have gone to court and that the warrant is quashed.

Lastly, be sure to show up for your next court date. You are not doing yourself any favors missing two court dates.

When you are out on bail, be sure you follow all of the rules and conditions related to your release set by both the courts and the bail bonds company. If you or a loved one find themselves behind bars and need to get bailed out, A-Action Bail Bonds, serving the United States  area, can help. Call us now and let us help get you or a loved one out of jail fast!

What Will the Judge Do If You Miss Court While Out on Bail?

Unfortunately, you do not always know that you are going to miss court, and as such, may not be able to reschedule your court date. If you have missed court, you will likely wonder what the judge can do to you.

When you miss court, the judge has the authority to impose a bench warrant. A bench warrant means that you can be arrested and held until your next court appearance. When you do appear in front of the judge, the judge can decide to re-release you on the same bail amount, increase your bail amount, or revoke your bail.

In most cases, your bail is only increased or revoked if you have a history of missing court appearances.


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